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The website you're looking at is one good example of how we do web designing the best way possible. Our development team works closely with profetional designers to make sure that every detial of the websit is perfect.

We use the latest technologies such as WebGL and PWA in order to provide the best results.

In addition to design our digital marketing and SEO team is ready to make sure that your website is appeared in the first page of google search results.

Crowd counting System

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Crowd counting system is is mainly used in parks and public places. It is an Image Processing application implemented using Python openCV library.

It can be used to get useful data about crowded places such as subway.

Using this system gives the managers informaiton needed for determining future Organization strategic plans and Budget allocation sessions.

Greenhouse Management System

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This system allows you to manage the hole watering, spraying poison and fertilization. you can get information such as soil moisture, ph, ect.

one of the main features of this system is that you can schedule the parts of the day that products should be irrigated.

This system uses IoT technology and it allows you to manage your greenhouse from miles away.

Plate Recognition System

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This system is an aplication based on latest image proccessing technologies.

it's main use cases are for Public Parking Areas, Universities, private and government organisations and any other case that needs access control system.

using this system can help companies lower their costs by eleminating the man power needed for managing these places.

Applicaiton Builder System

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Using this system you can create every applicaiton you want. This system allows you to design your ideas and implement them as android and ios applications.

With management panel provided in this system you can design your own user interface with specified fonts, colors, ect.

This systme reqires no additional knowledge and every person can use it to create desired apps easily.

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